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Through the utilization of an advanced ERP system, Norris Precision Manufacturing achieves greater operational efficiency and profitability through the complete integration of planning, materials management, procurement, manufacturing and financial business processes resulting in reduced costs and improved productivity and quality control within our operation.

How ERP gives Norris Precision the advantage…………

Business Intelligence: Unparalleled business intelligence (BI) tools provide complete visibility into our system's critical business data, allowing Norris Precision to make faster, more informed and progressive company decisions.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Automation and integration of sales, marketing, support and e-commerce helps Norris Precision win sales and improve customer satisfaction, increasing customer responsiveness and loyalty.

Streamlined Material Procurement- Norris Precisions Supply Chain Management system is based on an accurate and efficient Planning and Execution capability to support materials procurement. Using our Enhanced Resource Planning system, a comprehensive and time phased materials plan is electronically delivered to our procurement group charged with managing suppliers and executing the delivery schedule.

Optimized Machine Capacity- Delivery to Promise allows Norris Precision Manufacturing to provide our customers with realistic timeframes in which orders can be processed; there is no guesswork about what our schedule can allow. Complete visibility into our manufacturing floor allows us to see exactly where we have untapped capacity, and therefore utilization of the shop floor is maximized.

Efficient Operational Scheduling- Our ERP systems fully-featured manufacturing functions help us manage our work-in-process activities and increase the productivity of our manufacturing staff with labor-saving features that provide more control over production and scheduling. We can quickly generate work orders from planned orders. Maximize manufacturing efficiency with automated back flushing, infinite and finite loading, forward and backward scheduling. Better manage labor and equipment capacity with powerful shop floor scheduling and explore “what if” scenarios to rapidly identify and resolve schedule conflicts and load issues. Manufacturing and accounting data are completely integrated to help us accurately track product costs.


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