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AS9100 certification provides the following benefits:

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• Provides access to the best practices of the aerospace industry
• Demonstrates your commitment to deliver quality products and services to your customers
• Brings your quality management system to level with the global standard adopted by the aerospace industry
• Improves your new market / new customer prospects on a worldwide basis
• Reduces multiple expectations and number of 2nd and 3rd party audits
• Creates independent feedback to foster continual improvement
• Improved customer satisfaction
• Reduces organizational waste, inefficiencies, and defects
• Facilitates continual improvement in business processes and customer satisfaction
• Improves process consistency and stability

What is the aerospace industry position on AS9100 conformity?

The industry is moving towards requiring their suppliers to be AS9100 compliant / certified. By becoming AS9100 compliant / certified, suppliers can gain a competitive advantage and benefit from the process approach and continual improvement that are the foundation of ISO 9001 certified QMS.

Currently, the Boeing Company requires all Boeing suppliers to be BQMS (Boeing's Quality Management System) approved or have a waiver. AS9100 is a significant part of Boeing's BQMS requirements.

General Electric Aircraft Engines (GEAE) was one of the first manufacturers to require AS9000 compliance by all of their direct material suppliers. Currently, GEAE is requiring AS9100 certification for all new suppliers, and existing suppliers have a gap audit and a certification audit performed to coincide with their existing surveillance audit schedule.


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